Home Blog DJ 3LAU causes a stir after opting out of Friend.tech over regulatory risks

DJ 3LAU causes a stir after opting out of Friend.tech over regulatory risks

DJ 3LAU causes a stir after opting out of Friend.tech over regulatory risks

3LAU, the renowned DJ and electronic music producer, has generated significant attention within the cryptocurrency community and beyond by opting out of Friend.tech, a blockchain-based platform, citing regulatory risks as the primary concern.

3LAU’s Decision:

The artist, whose real name is Justin Blau, had been an advocate for blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize the music industry. However, he recently announced his departure from Friend.tech, a platform aiming to connect musicians and fans directly while offering tokenized ownership of music rights.

Regulatory Risks:

One of the main reasons behind 3LAU’s decision was the perceived regulatory uncertainty surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. He expressed concerns about potential legal challenges and regulatory hurdles that Friend.tech and similar platforms might face in the future. This move underscores the growing scrutiny of blockchain projects by regulatory authorities.

Impact on the Music Industry:

3LAU’s decision has sparked discussions about the use of blockchain in the music industry and the challenges it faces in terms of regulatory compliance. While blockchain technology offers transparency and the potential to empower artists, it also presents legal complexities and uncertainties that need to be addressed.

Regulatory Landscape:

The regulatory landscape for blockchain and cryptocurrencies varies widely by country and is evolving rapidly. Regulatory bodies are increasingly taking an interest in the space, with a focus on investor protection, anti-money laundering (AML) measures, and the classification of tokens.

3LAU’s Future Involvement:

Despite his departure from Friend.tech, 3LAU has not ruled out future involvement in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. He emphasized the need for regulatory clarity and a clear framework to support innovative endeavors in the space.


3LAU’s decision to opt out of Friend.tech highlights the growing importance of regulatory considerations in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. While the technology holds immense potential, navigating the complex regulatory landscape is a critical challenge that developers, entrepreneurs, and artists like 3LAU must address as they seek to harness blockchain’s transformative power in various industries.